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Special Order Pine

Ponderosa Pine and Lodge Pole Pine is two of Idaho's most abundant species. It is often milled
and sold in combination with other similar Western Pine species (Sugar Pine, White Pine's, Engelmann Spruce
and other western white softwoods). Lodge Pole Pine has less pitch then Ponderosa Pine and Eastern Pine.
They are both great for paneling, trim, flooring, doors, windows, fascia, soffits and many more.
Both of these pines have straight, uniform grain which machines to a clear smooth surface.
When freshly sawn or surfaced, the smell of pine is reminiscent of the forests where it grows.
Ponderosa Pine is often specified when appearance rather than strength is of primary importance.
Logde Pole Pine is a little stronger and denser the Ponderosa Pine and more stable.
Both species seasons beautifully with minimal splitting, cupping or warping.

Now available large Pine Planks (Must be ordered 45 days in advance) - Join-up to make a large table.

Matched Table Top Cuts

Need Thick stock? 24"-28" Knotty Pine Counter tops 6/4 - 16/4? Natural Edge Fireplace Mantels?
Extra Large Pine or Douglas Fir Slabs available 24"-36" Widths. Special order Only.
Place an Order for custom cutting. Large orders require 45-60 days turn around time.
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Douglas Fir Book Matched Table Tops

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Ponderosa Pine Slabs

Ponderosa Pine Slabs

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