BUYING LOGS...We will buy logs at times during the year.

I will offer a price based on regional market ("log") value, NOT WHAT LUMBER IS SOLD FOR!
LOGS are LOGS: Raw material, priced all over the World as such. Finished product is lumber.

Year 2013 LOG VALUE PRICE = $1.00 - $2.00 per board foot is an average market walnut log price.
Year 2013 LUMBER = $6.50 bf is an average walnut lumber (4/4) price across the country.

Your logs are valued against what they can be purchased from other sellers in the region.
Currently 2013, the building industry including furniture makers have reduced demand for walnut.
Factors that affect price are; Size (diameter/length), Quality, Removal or Transport cost (Fuel).
Factors that lower price; Weather damaged, bug damaged, nail damaged, growth characters.
Purchased Only from: Licensed Tree removal companies, Logging Companies or Property Owners.
Purchasing times vary depending on our market demand, or get on our future purchase list.

5ft Black Walnut

Black Walnut +24"dia/+6ft Lengths or larger
English Walnut +30"dia/+4ft Lengths or larger

Walnut Logs

Tree/Log selling options:
Will offer reduced tree removal rates towards the value of the logs if feasible.
We can help you recover tree removal cost by selling us the logs after being removed by a tree removal company.
Some trees we will remove for free, based on accessibility, cost and total log value.
Need walnut logs milled? RusticMill will mill logs in return for a portion of the log material.

Call for purchasing prices and information. (Sap wood/outer wood not considered in log value)

2008 Market Prices

Black Walnut Log

English Walnut Logs

Walnut Logs
...Log Milling 3ft x 10ft Walnut slabs...